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Unsure where you're at in menopause?

Find out with Alva’s assessment. It’s evidence-based, clinically reviewed and takes less than 3 minutes.

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Developed by doctors

Our assessment has been developed and reviewed by gynaecologists and GPs. It follows the UK NICE guidelines — which set the standard for medical care.


We believe that menopause support should be easy for everyone to get. Our assessment can be completed at home, takes minutes to complete and is free.

Personalised results

At the end of the assessment you’ll know where you are at and what to do next. The result is supported by personalised information so you can learn about menopause.

Stages of menopause

Stages of menopause


The years before hormone levels start to drop. For most women, the ovaries will be releasing eggs and functioning as normal.


The years immediately before menopause when periods become less regular, and hormone levels start to drop. Symptoms often begin during this time.


A year without periods. This indicates that the ovaries are no longer releasing eggs, meaning a woman will no longer be able to get pregnant naturally.


The years immediately after menopause, and beyond. Some women will continue to have symptoms 5-10 years after their last period.


This assessment has been designed for women aged 35-60. It’s created to help women learn more about menopause, and understand their own stage. It is not intended to be a diagnostic tool or used to inform treatment decisions.

There are massive gaps in the data on menopause. Our assessment collects anonymous data to start to fill these gaps. We want to help build up the research on menopause, and our data will be used solely for this purpose. We will not use this data to make money or target you with unwanted advertising.

Learn more about our approach to privacy and data here.